Saga is expanding its circle of partnerships and welcomes companies and institutions to reach out and be a part of our innovative ecosystem.


Trading Services: As part of its day-to-day operation, Saga is looking for liquidity services from ETH to Fiat / stablecoins, preferably via API. Saga is already integrated with several of the leading actors in the industry, and is looking to expand its liquidity network.


Listing SGA: While Saga smart contract acts as a market maker for the SGA/ETH pair, it charges a spread of at least 0.3%. This allows exchanges to act as the main marketplace by offering a competitive spread, in addition to exclusively offering other pairs (i.e. BTC, stablecoins), thereby generating revenue streams within the exchange’s existing business lines.


Holding SGA on the Exchange: SGA has a KYC and AML process programmed into the currency. Holding SGA on an ERC-20 wallet requires whitelisting of the wallet address through Saga’s KYC process. Exchange users, already KYCd by the Exchange, are incentivised to buy and hold their SGAs on the Exchange without the need to undergo additional KYC process with Saga.


SGA as a Market: Saga offers restrained price volatility, and therefore should be very attractive for crypto traders as a base asset. Exchanges allowing direct trading between SGA and other crypto assets, could offer these traders an efficient and advantageous trading platform.